Rescue Journal

saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Jan. 7, 2018

mia...a senior shy cat with some possible litter box issues. she has had crystals and cystitis in the past so we are hoping with some medical care to get her sorted out.

pugsly and emma...2 senior pugs with housetraining issues.

welcome to saints everyone!



Welcome to the newbies ;)
And a big Congratulations to Erin and Renee on their new roles.
And Carol I am paying attention to ur advice on the ‘listening to animals’ more and I’m going to Chang one of our cats beds to a more favorable one as I am now taking more notice that it needs to b done ;) thank you!! And hugs to all!

Brenda Mc

Still think Emma should be renamed "Wednesday"...
.only people of a certain age would get how perfect Pugsley and Wednesday are as a bonded pair.
They are sweet pugs....and will be much happier at Saints than where they were for sure.