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me, myself, and i.

Carol  ·  Jan. 12, 2018

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rescue can be a very egotistical enterprise. and there lies within this..many very fine lines.
you do require a very strong sense of self..knowing who you are and what you believe and what you will truly stand up for.
but keeping rescue from being mainly about yourself is a struggle.

if i were to go back thru this blog..i will find far too many instances of rescue being about myself....blah, blah, blah..rescue is so hard, poor little one really understands how difficult this is for me...i am mad, i am sad, i am hurt, i am bad.
do people think i am i crazy?
i am not crazy.
yes, maybe i am.

it has taken a very long time but i think these past couple of years i am finally done with all of that.
my focus has changed because i am actively working towards removing myself from the equation of rescue and saints.
i pretty much don't give a shit about myself right now..i just want to get this job done well so saints can happily and healthily move into the future.

there is a freedom in this, removing my strong yet fragile ego. right now, seriously looking towards the ever shrinking time before me... at this very moment everything i think and do is about saints and our animals moving forwards minus both my personal strengths and limitations.
the important thing to know about this is...i wish i had learned this and gotten to this point sooner.

i have said it for years, but i finally not only understand it..i am finally in a place of practicing it...rescue is not about me..i have simply been one of many tools in helping senior and special needs animals find dignity and safety.
well built shovels while useful, are not all that special or irreplaceable.
and they don't worry about folks thinking they might be crazy either.



i am truly sorry that you were put off by this post alex. the down load posts are an attempt to pass on things that i have learned on my rescue journey that i ultimately hope will benefit the animals and their future caregivers. and that means i need to speak from my perspective or "me." these posts may or may not have any value to others, that's for whoever reads them to decide but they are things that i have learned over time that are important to me because they helped me and SAINTS rescue survive...which is the point.

Willie C

It has been an honor and pleasure to follow your journey on this blog for some years. Sometimes one knows when they are in the 'presence of greatness' however it came to be!


This entire post is still all about you, though. This is incredibly of off-putting.