Rescue Journal

saints happenings

Carol  ·  Jan. 20, 2018

Minnie (rotti)
has settled in well...she still a bit nervous and shy but I think that is natural for her. such a very sweet girl.

shooter (puggle) is not super happy with his laundry room gig so today I will intro him with the barn guys...I think the beagle in him needs more freedom.

remus (cat) is coming back temporarily..he has been in and out of the vets with spinal issues and will need some cage rest for awhile. since he was coming back for respite soon while his foster family is away on vacation, it just makes sense to bring him back sooner. I will pick him up from the vets today.

hope is waiting to see a bunny dental specialist regarding an abcessed tooth...according to our vets, bunny abcessed teeth need extra expertise.

shyla ( tiny husky pain in the ass) ate the couch...I am not happy.

pearl ((chubby K9 foster muffin) is here while dawn is away.

leo has settled in great, he is a lovely cat!

new elderly toothless goat is coming in tomorrow.

huge kudo's to our wonderful saints staff and volunteer laura!!! they dropped everything they were doing yesterday despite putting themselves way behind to help an animal control officer round up a stray and very hungry mama farm pig and her 9 also very hungry babies that had been roaming around the highway.

saints is never boring for sure!



I love Minnie! She is shy but soo soo sweet and a gorgeous Rotti. If I wasn't having a baby... I would be convincing my husband we needed a 3rd dog <3


Minnie and Shooter are both wonderful dogs...I am sure they must have felt like they landed on some weird planet on their first morning at the barn...but they handled it like champs.