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addressing the adoption issue

Carol  ·  Feb. 14, 2018

if you want to seriously hurt someone's feelings or make an enemy for life..say no to an adoption application.
no means you are a shitty home or not good enough to adopt one of our precious babes....wrong.
no only means that this particular animal needed something different.
you theoretically could have 20 people apply for the very same dog....lets say a 2 yr old border collie.
3 homes end up on the short list...
home 1...both parents work all day and have 2 school aged children but go for long hikes on the weekend and like to go to the park in the evenings. the dog will be a full family member and go with them on vacations to their cottage and to all of their children's soccer games and practices. this will be the family's first dog but they have done their research and waited until they felt the entire family was ready. they are willing to hire a dog walker to walk the dog mid day on work days.
home 2 is retired and home all day. they are in their early 60's's, still very active and healthy and their previous much loved and greatly missed 16 yr old border collie just recently died of old age.
home 3 is a single work from home mid 30's female who has been involved in dog sports for the past 5 yrs. she currently has an 10 yr old border collie that she does agility with but this dog is slowing down and she thinks her aging dog would like a friend and companion.

these have all been thoroughly checked out and are all great homes.
two of them are going to get a no.

and how do you decide which great home gets the dog?
you look at the dog and what he or she needs.
if the dog adores kids and likes going out on new and exciting adventures with the family...home 1 might be best.
if the dog suffers from mild separation anxiety home 2 or 3 might be a better match.
if the dog thinks a lot and has a ton of energy, home 3 is a good match.
if the dog has emotional or health issues and prefers quiet stability and predictability then home 2 might suit him or her more.

three great homeless dog.
you do your best to match the right dog to the right home.
its not rocket science,,it is far more complicated and there is no tried and true mathematical formula.
sometimes it is just a gut thing...yep, that's the right home for you.

Pricilla is taking harry home as a foster....she is absolutely perfect for him.
Jess and Jeff are taking pogo home as a foster.....we think this is a perfect match for pogo too.



Totally agree...maybe sometimes the way a rescue says "no" might be part of the reason people get upset. If it was explained to me like this I would be a little disappointed but understand completely.


Back in 2003 I applied for a small pappilion (sp) X...I was turned down and told a more suitable home had been chosen...and an alernative dog was suggested. I admit at first I was animals are my family and I will walk through glass for them. After looking at the photo of the dog suggested for several hours..I accepted and Thank dog I did. Levi came and he was the absolute perfect match and we had 13 fabulous years before cancer stole him from us. I now try hard to educate family and friends that are looking to adopt to trust the rescue..not take it personally if turned down because it is always about what is best for the animal and they know the animal best.


Well, a year or so ago when I adopted my Winnie from the Oregon Humane Society, I had first went to the Multnomah County Animal Shelter site and found a big kitty who was at a pet store. I have always been able to give cats and dogs good homes, as well as help out with the vet bills for ‘family, neighbor and friend’ pets. I went to the pet store and filled out a shelter application. The beautiful kitty was adopted to someone else. My first thought was ‘why wasn’t I good enough?’ I will never know – but I bet that kitty has a wonderful home. And, I know my Winnie has a great home here with me, Minx and Sukie!


I agree with Val. Carols point make absolute sense not only for the humans but, the animals too.

Congratulations Priscilla and Harry (he is on of my favorites too).


That's too bad that people get upset about not being chosen to adopt a dog. However, there are a ton of homeless dogs out there all deserving of a great home! If you don't get one, it wasn't meant to be.

When I was looking for a dog I had my heart set on a beautiful big male Pittbull that I instantly fell in love with. The rescue told me he wasn't suitable because I had rabbits, but suggested my dog Brody who had been living on a farm with chickens. I had seen the listing for Brody and passed over because he was a lab mix and I like the more powerful looking breeds. I decided to take them up on their suggestion and he has been the best thing in my life since I took him home 6 years ago <3

shelagh f

wonderful news, hope everyone settles in well. glad I
don't have to make decisions on the adoption
example above

Lenore Henry

That is such good news for Harry and Pogo - they are very special dogs.

Brenda Mc

Yay for Harry and Priscilla.....and Yay for Pogo and Jess /Jeff....great news all around. Some special Saints found love on Valentine's Day❤