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little saint buddy passed away today.

Carol  ·  Feb. 19, 2018

little buddy was a small black and biting Chihuahua cross who was lucky enough to find a great home several years ago. His new family adored him with all of his quirkiness. he had been failing for the past couple of weeks and his dad knew something big was wrong. today a very large tumor was found in his abdomen and buddy was helped to pass away.
rest in peace buddy, for a little guy, you left a big hole in your family's hearts.


Tom and Nancy Dent

Hi everyone, my name is Tom and my wife, Nancy and I adopted Buddy nearly two and a half years ago. When we came in to see what dogs were up for adoption we ended up in the "nippers and biters" room. As I sat on the bed looking at the dogs I didn't notice that Buddy was beside me just looking and wouldn't take his eyes off me, but my wife did and that was just about it, he picked me.
We took Buddy home and he was as described a little bit of a nipper and biter but that didn't matter too much to us. We could see more or less right from the start that he had great potential to be a really nice little pet. Sure enough, after 2 or 3 months he was like a whole different dog. His nipping and biting got less and less and he finally learned how to play, I don't think that anyone had ever really just sat down and played with him.
We live right across the street from a park and Buddy used to like to sit on the porch and look and see what was going on at the park. Just like I like to do, only I like to keep an eye open for junkies, drug dealers, thugs, goons, bullies, perverts and just about anyone else who likes to disrupt peoples enjoyment of the park. When he would see something happening Buddy would give me the "WOOF" as if to say "Hey, something's happening over there , let's go check it out". So, like the well trained "owner" that I am, on would go the leash and off we would go to the park on another adventure.
At the park he would like to go and bark at the big dogs as if he was trying to keep them in line as if to say " this is my park so watch yourself."
Buddy got to be really well liked by just about everyone he came into contact with, young and old alike.
My wife and I have had pets just about all of the 42 years we have been together and Buddy turned out to be just about one of the best pets we have ever had. As my wife puts it, "it's like we won the rescue dog lottery" when we got Buddy and I can't argue with that or put it any better.
For Buddy's last two and a half years he was a happy and content pet. He was well fed and always had a comfortable place to rest his head, be that place be in bed with us, in my armchair, on his own bed on the couch, or, his most favorite place in the whole world, on my wife's lap.
At the end, even though he had stopped eating and eventually couldn't hold down water, he didn't seem to be in pain or too much discomfort. At least he didn't show it.
Buddy left us at about 3:30 PM on Monday 19 February 2018 and I hope that we made him happy in the time that he spent with us, I know he made us happy.
The next move for us is on Saturday 3rd March we're going to be at SAINTS, my wife wants to take the tour again, and then see if their is another "Buddy" that wants to pick us for a nice new home.
Tom and Nancy Dent

Brenda Mc

Oh....I cried happy tears the day Buddy was adopted because I didn't think he'd ever get his own home...sweet little biting bugger....he was one of my favourites too. RIP Buddy.....


Awe loved little Buddy....such character!
Sorry for your loss....thanks for loving him

shelagh f

so sorry for your loss of little buddy. great that there
are people out there for the one of a kind dogs