Rescue Journal

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Carol  ·  Feb. 22, 2018

the new guys are settling in...

the vet put arwyn (the new 15 yr old lab) on some really heavy duty pain meds so she is now able to get up and walk on her own. she also was given antibiotics for a raging bladder and kidney infection and they are starting to kick in. the staff have trimmed her nails, started brushing out her coat so I think we can safely say while she is certainly not ready for marathons, she is feeling a little bit better.

samsam (the feral little Arabian cat) has not been to the vet yet, his appointment is early next week. we wanted him to settle down a bit from all of the trauma in his past few weeks. we did start him on eye meds for his infected eyes and he is letting the staff put the drops in so that is very brave of him and his eyes are starting to look better.

gus the little biting guy with a mouthful of rotten teeth has had his major dental with many extractions and is starting to feel better too.

cuddles the 17 yr blind shitz mix has settled in well and is being good company for nicky.

bambi the new IBS cat with chronic diarrhea is doing well too. she has her vet appointment next week too.

and some news on our other guys...

big bear had another biopsy done yesterday...the mass on his neck suddenly doubled in size. they had previously biopsied the mass on his hip but not the mass on his neck...we are worried as we await the results.

zander has been in and out of the vets. he had a bladder infection but would not take his meds. we could not force the pills down his throat because zander gets mad and bites when you do. finally the vet had us pick up a long acting injectable antibiotic, which I gave to him the other night and I think it is just starting to work.

coby the 15 yr old cat who was living under his new homes deck for several months, is finally getting over his cold.

the staff are trying to bond bunnies..shamus and sparky..this will take time and will let you know how it goes.

squirt will be going into the vet to check out some tummy issues.

faith the rabbit has developed an URI and she will be going in to the clinic too.

our very sweet and mostly blind cat angel moved over to the medical room because we needed the cage she liked to sleep in for bambi when we moved bambi over to the house. angel is really liking the medical room and she is not feeling it necessary to sleep in a cage over there (the one we had set up for her, just sits there empty)...apparently today she was riding around on poppy the pigs back but poppy did not like this, it freaked her out. we are hoping angel forgoes further piggy back rides and does not cause poppy any more problems or angel will have to come back to the house.

I believe that is all of the current news.