Rescue Journal

the driveways are already plowed!

Carol  ·  Feb. 24, 2018

huge thx to ann c's son in law who was out there at 0630 this morning!!

life here is difficult enough without a foot of snow. arnie purchased us a snow blower which we can use today to clear paths, the snow is light and fluffy,if someone comes here today who knows how to use it. that would be wonderful too.

I am a bit worried about how many of us will be here today...we were already short before the snow and I had already committed to doing the mp rooms. but whatever happens or not, we will get thru it because we have to. and this is an important thing to know about rescue...there are no choices here on somethings...the animals must be fed, they must have access to clean and fresh water, they must have access to clean, dry, and warm beds. it doesn't matter if the snow falls or if no one comes...they have to have the basics provided one way or another. there are no choices or excuses.

which is why I said when saints started, I would never let it get bigger than what I could handle alone if I have to...but I did. as the snow falls I remember that I did not keep to my word.
however...saints warriors will struggle to come here today because they feel the same level of responsibility for these animals as I do...the animals need to be fed, they need clean fresh water and clean, dry warm beds. we are never alone, the warriors will come, of this I am totally sure.

love you guys, drive here safely and make sure you wear winter boots!

most reliable route to saints...lougheed hwy...up cedar ave...right on cherry...left on cade barr...right on Dewdney...left on stave lake..left to dlugosh and saints has plowed parking space!



Shelagh K

Hope everything is ok at SAINTS, no blog for a week now.
I worry about how hard you work Carol.


Just wondering if everything is okay at SAINTS? No Blog for a while. . .


The warriors will always come thru <3 Very true! We have some totally dedicated volunteers! Glad the rain washed away a lot of snow on Sunday.