Rescue Journal's been awhile

Carol  ·  Mar. 3, 2018

sorry, I have had a lot on my mind.

our newest girls from NWTSPCA, vera and nadia are settling in. they remain quite shy, but not shy enough to leave the paper towel rolls alone..they are really fun to chew and rip apart!

samsam, our new Arabian feral cat finally had his vet visit. he had to be sedated in order to be fully examined. we did the full meal deal..exam, blood work and xrays..samsam does have some ongoing health issues which we are addressing.

bambi our new little IBS cat, also had her vet visit. she will be moving back to the medical room, probably sometime next week.

we have a new horse on site..his name is amigo and he belongs to one of our staff. she will be moving on site once the trailer is ready for occupancy. it will be nice to have another person available to help after hours if there is an emergency.

garret the ferret found a great home. he was such a sweet and interesting little guy, I was sad to see him go,

shooter also went off to his new home, I have gotten some update photos and he looks like he is pretty darn happy with his new family.

the vets were out for poppy's foot trim, to check out raven's teeth, and assess our elderly goat and sheep.

angel and sailor bob also saw the vets due to some arthritic issues.

big bear goes back in next week for suture removal from his latest biopsy.

nicky, zander and faith are on our watch closely list.

we are still working towards helping arwen get a handle on both her raging bladder/kidney infection and her chronic severe arthritic pain. she is moving better and she is taking her meds again so hopefully we can get her to feeling better soon.

squirt and cuddles were both at the vets for blood work and xrays.

it has been a very busy medical week!


Brenda Mc

Thanks for taking the time to give some updates Carol..I know how overloaded your brain must be, and I really appreciate, and look forward to reading anything you write.
Saw Nadia and Vera on Sunday....2 beautiful girls who now have a chance to feel what it's like to be loved... in practical ways; like warm cozy beds, fresh clean water, good quality food, as well as canine companionship...and human caring hands and hearts. So happy they are at Saints.
and I think Cuddles is a doll.