Rescue Journal

arwen has passed peacefully away.

Carol  ·  Mar. 10, 2018

she has been hanging by a thread since she came in a couple of weeks ago. she had a raging bladder and kidney infection, untreated crippling arthritis, severe dental disease both of which caused her a lot of pain. we knew from the original bloodwork that her kidneys and liver values were significantly elevated so it was a bit of a gamble as to if we could help her to feel much better or if it was already too late. Getting her to eat and take her meds has been an ongoing challenge, helping her find some joy in her life was also a constant struggle. arwen was not doing well this week so she went back into the vets and had her blood work repeated, her kidneys and liver were even worse. The vet said the prognosis was extremely poor for her. arwen was not going to make a miraculous recovery in our care, arwen felt ill, tired, even hopeless..and when hope and joy disappears, it is time to set them free.

both arwen and randy came to us far too late. we tried to help them, we hoped to help them feel better and enjoy living again. in the end the best we could do for these sweet gentle souls was to help them pass in peace.
arwen and randy's original owners passed away before them...I hope they all find each other on the other side and rest together in peace.


Lenore Henry

Goodbye Arwen and Randy - your time at Saints was far too short but you will always be remembered by us ❤️

Brenda Mc

So sad....At least Arwen was able to pass in peace and love....such a sweet old girl ....RIP darlin......