Rescue Journal

gone but not.

Carol  ·  Mar. 11, 2018

it has been a tough week. death always seems to hit us in waves. mo says it is because once the door is open to the other side, the ones that are ready decide to slip in.
I don't really know the reason for it..maybe it is just coincidence. death is a funny thing, not to be understood or defined. the only thing we really know about it is...from this side, it is the ending of this life.
what happens after is anyone's guess.

except...I think when someone is loved, the end is never the end. we carry them with us until we meet our own life end. is for the living and living goes on for us as others slip away.
today I discovered that little bear loves sandwiches. it takes him a long time to eat a almost half an hour. but for that 30 minutes, he is totally engaged in a happy food orgy.
I did not know this about him but now that I will be small pieces of sandwich almost every day.

little bear doesn't get super excited about much. occasionally if he is kidnapped from his pen, he gets pretty darn happy when he gets to go back in it again. it is his safe place, it is set up the way he wants. he is one of those folks where home is where the heart is, and his heart is in his private little corner where the other dogs can't go.

except shyla...she wanted to bounce in there and grab his bit of sandwich but I said no. she listens to me if I am in the room, but if I wasn't guarding little bears sandwich, she would have hopped in and robbed him. my eyes have to be on her or she does what she wants.

so life goes on..little bear likes sandwiches and shyla is a pain in the butt. there are a few empty corners here from nicky, and randy and arwen moving on. but I can still see them so they haven't gone too far. and that is the thing about caring for others..they may share life with you for a short or long while but they forever remain in your heart.


Bridget. M.

Does Little Bear have a favourite type of sandwich?
Veggie or no?
Ham or beef? Chicken?


Love Shyla. She's a breath of fresh air. Almost feels like she has a bit of Phoebe's spirit living in her.