Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Mar. 18, 2018

we have been going thru a tough week with squirt..he is getting so old. i think we are finally making some progress but it has been a tough go.

the vet was out today to see little, she had the beginnings of bloat. he managed to get some meds into her and we will see how she is tomorrow.

it looks like bo's castration from a long time ago was actually a failure...he is up for a do over tomorrow. he better not have impregnated any of the girls...there are enough suffering sheep in this world for us to save without adding more.

we have instituted some fairly strict measures to protect our rabbits in case the deadly virus RHD crosses over to the mainland from the island. this virus has a mortality rate of well over 90%. we need to keep our bunnies safe.

cuddles is doing well with michelle in his new foster very happy for him.

everyone else is pretty much ok,,,we have the usual ups and downs with our old or sick guys overall health. but today is a good crises except for little and we think she will be ok.

oh and erin wants some really good applications for our newly posted part time saints job! try it, you'll like it she said!



I remember when Squirt came to you, I was so thankful you were willing to take as his time was running out and I was losing hope. I’m so glad you realized how special he was and you were willing to give him a chance. He has lived his life the
3 way he likes best surrounded but his dog friends within your world but on his own ❤️ This is why Saints works so well you adapt to each individual rather than expecting them to change their ways. Thank you ❤️

Brenda Mc

Spent some time with Squirt today...he had periods of wheezing and coughing...and he seems to have gained weight? ( really solid in the stomach area)....wondering if some of this is fluid, as he doesn't seem to be eating that much. Anyway,
I was remembering when he arrived in 2007...just after I started volunteering. I love him...he is such a sweet little boy. He must be near 16 now, as I think he was around 5 in 2007... Saints has been his safe refuge since then ❤❤
Hang in there special boy.