Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Mar. 27, 2018

we have a few possible newbies wanting to come in..we are trying to figure it all out.

balto came home today..his anxiety has been escalating in his foster home so we brought him home where there is always someone around.

sailor bob was rushed off to the vets last evening and he is going back in again tomorrow. not sure what is up with him..he is such an old and beat up cat, it could be something new besides his thyroid and kidney disease.

caishen had her ear we had her ear canal removed due to chronic long term infections. she still has a drain in her incision site but is doing quite well.

the vets were out to see ziggy and treated him for a respiratory infection..he seems to be better.

we are going to trial samsam back out of his cage in a few days..hopefully he stays healthy enough not to have to go back in. the problem is with his FIV, he really does not have an immune system so "healthy" so far has been elusive.

maurice needs a dental and is fighting off an URI..he is on meds so hopefully he will feel better soon and can have the dental surgery.

we think shyla is picking on mystic so we are going to keep them apart for the next few days and see if mystic perks up. she has a vet appointment on thursday to look at her kidneys again just in case that is what is bringing her down.

oh and the REALLY BIG NEWS TODAY!!!!
romana and her amazing 3rd party saints pubnight organizers last weekend made an incredible.....




Wow!!!!!! That's so awesome, good job Ramona and team!! Sad about Balto coming back but he is definitely welcome! We've missed him!

Brenda Mc

Now that is an impressive "chunk of change" raised in one night...Yay!
Hope all is ok with Mystic, and so glad Caishen is feeling better...brave girl.
oh, and welcome back Balto...sweet boy

Penny Veresh

Wow, that's a fantastic amount of money from the pub night!! Hang in there Sailor Bob - love that little guy.