Rescue Journal

it's not always a wonderful world.

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2018

the door swung shut between sailor bob and us.
and it opened wide for bobby.

bobby is a cute small-midsize fuzzy thing. he has an underbite and reminds us of oreo.
bobby was also alone with his mom when she passed away.
luckily the landlord found them both within a couple of days. bobby's mom had no known family or friends so the landlord took bobby home until he could find him a safe place.
he said bobby laid on him for the past two nights crying. no one got any sleep.
bobby is here and he is still crying, grieving thru the losses and changes in his now unpredictable and frightening strange new life.

he did sit quietly on the floor tonight with me while i fed him some cheese but he soon remembered that his heart was still breaking.
it seems i have spent a good portion of my life consoling those who have either heart breakingly lost everything or have never had anything worth missing.

it is not the deaths like sailor bob who break my heart. he left here happy, purring, rubbing against a person he loved. he got to live the last part of his life warm, safe, well fed, loved and cared for
it is the ones who arrive here feeling lost, feeling alone, feeling like they haven't a friend left in this world...these are the ones who wrench my soul as i watch them suffer thru grief, bewilderment, uncertainty until finally one day they feel for the first time or once again.... that content security in their new life that they now understand.

welcome will soon feel not quite so strange and you will feel not so alone...and hopefully one day soon, you will feel happy again. we already love you, you are a very sweet dog.



Well said Carol, and I’m thanking God for people like you and the rest of Saints and all the rest of us animal lovers that feel so deeply for those in need.
Thankful also the landlord was kind and hope Bobby bounces back asap. Maybe this Easter will bring a mini miracle. Hope floats as u say 😊

Brenda Mc

Well, this made me cry. Welcome Bobby....your sadness will turn to joy in time little one....the promise of Easter... (and Carol.)


What a kind landlord to take him in a find him a safe place to go.


What a sweetheart. So glad he found SAINTs and cant wait to see him happy. Welcome Bobby.