Rescue Journal

sailor bob passed away peacefully today (by erin)

Carol  ·  Mar. 28, 2018

Back in July 2016, New Westminster Animal Services asked SAINTS to take in two senior cats, both of whom had pretty major abdominal issues, making them less likely to be adoptable. Edith was one of those cats (she passed away last summer), Sailor Bob was the other. Sailor died today. Our vet discovered cancerous masses on his lungs, restricting his air. He wasn't suffering, but the last two days we noticed he was working harder than he should have to breathe. We made the decision in his best interest and are sure we did right by this sweet boy. Sailor did not die an unloved, skinny old stray tom cat, he was very much a part of our Saints family. We loved him and will miss him terribly.



Awe I’m sorry to hear of Saikors health issues but so thankful he made it to Saints. Thought he was a special cat in his own rugged way. He did enjoy the love given.
Peace b with u and all the sweet ones that have passed before him.

Penny Veresh

Sweet Bob. He was so happy to be at Saints. After living on the streets, it must have seemed like paradise to him. He was warm, safe, well-fed and loved. He always enjoyed cuddles. So many of us loved the little guy and I always took time to visit him on Sundays. The MP Room won't be the same without him. Rest softly, Bob.