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Carol  ·  Apr. 12, 2018

so much news...
new dog in..molly is a 9 yr old chi whose owner is very ill. one of our vet clinics contacted us about her.
new cat in...charley...a senior who became homeless thru no fault of his own. his original owner died and he was left to fend for himself.
kyah has injured her other knee so she is on resting lock down again.
maurice lost most of his teeth due to stomatitis but he is recovering well.
noodle is being transitioned out of her holding pen.
remus returned to his foster home on a trial, we think he is fully recovered from his spinal incident.
CAC is beginning the process of placing flynn up for adoption...we are just fostering him.
sam is settling in well but man that kitchen area is full!
chewy is doing better since his metacam injection, the barn staff are watching him,.

janette got the upper field seeded after doug finished harrowing so now we wait for it to grow. great thx to you both!

actually all of our areas are full more room at the inn for awhile.
sadly erin had 10 new requests for dog admissions this week...we had to say no to everyone.

national jersey day today in honor of the lost members of the broncos..our staff are participating.

we are ramping up our bunny isolation of the lower mainland public shelters was infected with the RHD rabbit virus and ended up losing all 69 of their very, very, sad for them. we will do everything we possibly can to protect our rabbits. still waiting on the vaccine..hopefully it will be here soon.

i think that is it for recent news.



Oh Carol, I couldn't have that for Jimmy and Charlie. They are so happy and settled as they move towards the end of their little lives. I wouldn't want to do anything to upset that. Thanks for letting me know.


she is really mean to other dogs johanna...lizzy and jimmy are too frail for her BS..they would hate her.

Johanna Hickey

Hi Carol,

Can you tell us a little bit about Molly, the little Chi who just came in. Thanks


the last i heard, koji was doing great in his new home. Keats arthritis is getting really uncomfortable for him despite the high doses of meds. we recently added laser therapy to his regime and he has been doing great with it..much more mobile, much more comfortable.
flynn is a sweet boy..he does have food guarding issue with the other dogs due to his recent starvation so we feed him separately. he is good with cats and small dogs..took him a while to like sam but she is new and a lot bigger than him so that is understandable. he remains quite fearful in strange/unknown circumstances...could be a flight risk if he gets scared. but..he is good here so he should bond into a new home too with extra care until he settles in.


Val, YES! Take precautions, order your vaccines. Your dog could pick up anything from any park and you can't bleach paws.


Hi there. Can you provide any more information on Flynn? Also, do you have any updates on Keats and Koji?

penny veresh

So upsetting about the Richmond rabbits having to be euthanized. The staff and volunteers there must be devastated.


For those of us who have house bunnies... Would you suggest staying away from places like Richmond...? Should we be doing foot baths and everything at home as well...?

My guys are indoors so I wasn't very worried before... but this makes me really nervous.


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