Rescue Journal

i could have had a perfect life...

Carol  ·  Apr. 17, 2018

i have a good paying job that i really like.i could have had a pretty home in town with a nice car and taken vacations to mexico or Taiwan. i love art and music and theatre and it was all there for the asking, but i chose other things instead.

and i was thinking about saints. a couple of months ago we were all looking around and asking where are all the dogs? our numbers were that low! this week we are all freaking out because we are so full. but it's better now...mario and collin went home. stella and molly were moved into the tv room. flynn was moved into the entranceway so we don't have to pick up all the food. and of course moving zander into his own little space in the computer room made him happy and decreased the chaos in the kitchen. at night i leave his gate open so he can come lay out with me if he wants, which he usually does.
so it is once again settling comfortably around here again.

and i was thinking how on most days...i love this place. some days drive me nutz..but especially in the late afternoons and evenings...i really like it here.
and i realized..most of the animals do too. i think they sometimes get tired of the chaotic daytimes when all the cleaning, laundry, feeding happens. but at night they relax into the peace and quiet of their home..just like me.

so i was thinking about how much better for them to have a real home tho. maybe one that doesn't zoom from zero to 100 in a few hours.
but then i come for the most part they are happy here?
they don't get puffed and perfumed at the grooming parlour every six weeks...maybe every 6 months if they are lucky.
they don't have a beautiful home with tons and tons of palace like space.
they don't get gourmet meals or grand walks out on forest trails.
they don't have their very own person that they don't have to share 120 ways.
so why are they happy?

and i realized..none of us need the perfect life. we don't need unlimited income, or non stop are to get away from the grind of real life..but what if real life is really not all that grinding..what if for the most is ok?
i don't need or particularly want pedicures and they are happy not being pouffed and just rolling around in the hay.

maybe what we have here together, is absolutely just enough. we have a roof over our heads, we have warm and comfy beds. there is always something decent around here to eat as long we aren't too picky so we never go hungry. we all get pain meds when our aging bodies are creaking and groaning. we have fields, and a pond and a barn.
and we are each other and by all the others who come here and care about us as well.

maybe i could have had the perfect life...maybe our much loved guys here could have a perfect life too.
but in the meantime...we're cool.


Brenda Mc

love this post Carol......
as long as Minnie, Balto and Mystic don't start throwing around, and playing with, full water jugs again in your bedroom .....
that was definitely less than perfect ( well, not for the dogs...they probably loved it)❤
Glad to hear you did some reshuffling in the kitchen...sounds much better.