Rescue Journal

the gift

Carol  ·  Apr. 23, 2018

more than a dozen years ago, squirt came thru our doors. he came from a shelter, terrified and traumatized. he was about 4 years and and was thought to be a survivor of a puppy mill. we may never know his real back story but we know his story here. for the first few months squirt lived in the small back bedroom, hiding in his open door crate. he eventually started venturing out further and further away from the crate but always ran back in if he was unsure or afraid. squirt now lives in the kitchen which is the busiest room in the house. he still goes into hiding when people he doesn't know well come in but with the rest of us he feels safe and secure. he never was adoptable, none of us would have rocked his fragile world again, he was home with us, forever.

a few years ago, little buddy came in. his owner was really sick and she could no longer provide him with the care he needed. little buddy had terrible skin, he had been living in a cone for 2 years to stop him from ripping himself apart. his owner had originally called me to ask if i thought he should be put down, he was suffering more than she could bear. in the end he came to saints and we worked hard to get control of his skin. we finally got there and sent buddy out into foster care but his skin issues returned. keeping him under control was not only expensive, requiring several different and changing medications and medicated baths, it was also labor intensive. buddy needed to come back to saints where we are able to provide that kind of care. a few months ago little buddy developed bladder cancer. he is now palliative.

both buddy and squirt are now very elderly. neither one has much time left. i am not sure they will even see another summer. but they not only have us, they have each other. these two little ancient dogs are best friends. they sleep together all thru the night and for many hours during the day. every day they start looking more and more like each other and we now have to take a second look to see who is who.
in the very late twilight of 2 elderly and frail dogs, they have what many of us one day hope for..comfort, care, family, and friendship surrounding us when our final night falls.

there are days when we get so busy that i almost forget why we are here. then i look at buddy and squirt sleeping curled up together in peace. i think of all the things that they needed for so many years that they were able to find here.

i am so very grateful that these two little elderly dogs found saints. we are blessed by their love and trust. when their final day arrives, they will depart from much loved lives.
they have been a great gift to all of us and we have been a great gift to them as well. a shared gift is the best gift of all.



Correction .....yes Carol, it was just over 12 years ago when Squirt arrived....I had just started volunteering too... Wow!

Brenda Mc

Omg.❤❤Squirt stole my heart 11 years ago when he arrived at Saints, and he is very special to me. I knew he was unadoptable and would always live as a sanctuary dog....and my heart still melts when he allows me to pick him up for hugs and kisses on Sundays.
He used to cuddle with big Benny, and I can still see Squirt laying on Benny's back in the kitchen - until Benny passed...
Now...Squirt and little Buddy have found a soft spot in each other's hearts and it's so wonderful.
Two very special seniors who look like they could have been siblings, have chosen each other as brothers....sometimes you do get to choose your family. Saints does that...
Thank you for this post....❤
I'm so blessed to know both these sweethearts.