Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Apr. 27, 2018

bobby went off into foster care today...yay bobby!

minnie is home after her hip surgery,,yay minnie!

we put her in the entrance was a good spot to be confined while still being in the midst off things.
minnie did not like it in made her sad.
soooo...we set her up in a pen in my room so she could be close to her friends.
this made minnie a little bit happier.

i just went into the kitchen to get myself a drink. i looked out the kitchen window and it was so cute...
all of the bedroom guys were curled up on the cement patio.... in circle.... napping...
with that damn cone headed minnie, curled up and napping right in the middle!!

she jumped over the pen fence with with her brand new $8000 hip implant, one day after a seven hour surgery, with a damn cone on her head and then squeezed that damn cone head out thru the doggy door to lay on the cement with her friends!

bad dog!

i put her back in the pen, dragged mystic in to hang out with her and closed the doggy door so the rest of them had to stay in the room too.
i think now she will stay put.

please minnie STAY PUT!


Brenda Mc

So happy for Bobby...❤
Sounds like keeping Minnie resting and recuperating is gonna be challenging...if she only understood it's for her own good.

shelagh f

and this is only the first day. wait till she's feeling better!