Rescue Journal

more minnie

Carol  ·  Apr. 29, 2018

minnie continues to be a management problem, unless she is confined in the entrance way which she hates..i can't take my eyes off her for a second. late last night i heard a ruckus going on in the mp room so i charged over there to see what was up. while i was gone (like for all of 10 minutes) minnie had again jumped out of the bedroom pen and climbed up on my bed. since she was already up there and it was so important to her, i let her stay there and sleep with us. this morning when i got up, i brought her back into the entrance way where she cannot get in to trouble.

her cone does freak out mystic and luna when she was up on the bed so they slept elsewhere..boomer and balto did not give a hoot.

honestly three months of this and i might end up shooting minnie or me. she is so very lucky that she is so utterly sweet.
someone please save me from a stubborn and determined and NOT VERY BRIGHT rotti.



Omg that's rough. So hard to sacrifice their happiness for their own good. Especially with a face like hers!

shelagh f

oh dear, at that price maybe she could be unhappy for a little while.
i'm sure that rotti face can look pretty pathetic. four days down and
only 86 more to go