Rescue Journal

another loss in the saints family

Carol  ·  May 6, 2018

as always great thanks to our weekend warriors for a weekend well done!
happily mark and jane got a head start on the upcoming annual open house prep getting the walkways and patios power
huge thanks to the guardian angels for this and next weekends plant sales!

the chi's are back for a couple of weeks.
bratwurst is back for 3 weeks.
both for foster family vacations.
cody went into the vets on friday and again today for not eating. his blood work shows kidney disease.
new cat hugh is doing well, he really is huge!

foster dog schizzle is over in emergency, she fell into a swimming pool that had just had the chemicals added, fingers are crossed that she feels better soon!
and sadly foster dog baby jane passed away in her loving family's arms at emergency last night. sweet baby jane had lost her battle with cancer. we are very grateful to jamie and daryl for giving her a wonderful loving home for the last part of her life.
our deepest condolences for their loss of this very sweet little girl.



Missing all the cats there. Luckily I got a big cat fix last week so I should make it through until I get home.

Brenda Mc

Tammy... .Hugh is a lovely boy. I cleaned his cage yesterday when I was "you" for Sunday, and he was really friendly. Hope you''re enjoying yourself.


RIP Baby Jane and hugs to you Jamie. She left knowing true love and that really matters.


So very sorry Jamie...I know your heart is breaking ......again. Baby Jane landed in the best spot ever- in the loving arms of your family, and nestled in your hearts forever. Take care....hugs, ❤
and I sure hope sweet Schizzle will recover from her accidental dip