Rescue Journal

home is where the heart is...

Carol  ·  May 12, 2018

its been a few days again. work has been busy and is sucking whatever little energy i have. once i get home, i just want to get thru the stuff i have to letting giant zander out 3 million times before i go to bed.

zoe and cody have both been into the vets this week due to being under the weather. both are home and we continue to moniter how they are doing.
tiny zander and little chip had their vet visits. tiny zander is ready to go up for adoption which makes me sad because i want to keep him!
the bunnies are all vaccinated now...parker can soon move out of my bathroom..THANK GOD! and the rest will come off of isolation in another couple of weeks once the vaccines have had a chance to boost their immunity.
the amazing race is going well, just a few thousand short of our goal but we have another couple of weeks.

that little tea cup poodle we cross posted on our FB page is garnering a ton of interest. she looks like a very sweet dog who certainly needs a home, still i feel kind of sad that none of our guys are as interesting to the general public. i get that ours are not just old but have other issues as well. still..i feel like our guys are the homely, boring wall flowers at the find a home party.
whatever..our guys might be worn and dented..maybe they don't fit in a tea cup, maybe they leak or their eyes are cloudy, and maybe like rocket..they actually are kind of weirdly ugly and gross...
but we think they are pretty damn special and i can attest that they are all super interesting once you get to know i guess they have a home. here with us.
ahh guys..that tiny poodle is adorable and she will get a great home. and you are stuck here BUT...we think you are all wonderful!!
home is where the heart is...and your hearts are safe with us.