Rescue Journal

The Amazing Raise - Minnie is Number 1

Sheila  ·  May 20, 2018

Yesterday was a really exciting day for Amazing Raise campaign. There was definite race between Team MP Room and Team House. Literally at the last moment a $500 donation came through and Minnie and Team House were declared the winner just before we shut down the campaign.

Here are the results.
Unassigned donations $1,430
Team Bunny Room $7,315
Team Barn $7,405
Team MP Room $8,090
Team House $8,375

The total is $32,615 (an astounding $7,615 over our goal). Minnie is a humble girl and is so overwhelmed that her team is number 1. All the captains are thrilled that they achieved totals well over their $6,250 goal.

Special thanks goes to Brenda McCormick who year after year has collected money from her friends and family. This year she contributed $1,700 for her Team House.

Thank you to every person who donated to our campaign, shared our posts and just spread the word. Thank you to our donors that consistently give to our fundraisers every time we send out an ask. Thank you to Ann Luu ,Darcy Matheson and Nat and Drew's Pet Page for always being willing to highlight our fundraisers and in the process expose us to a wider audience then we could ever reach. It is this generous community that helps us achieve and surpass our fundraising goals. We employees, volunteers, and of course the SAINTLY crew are humbled and grateful.