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watching paint dry...

Carol  ·  Jun. 1, 2018

the counter tops in the kitchen were worn and beat up so rather than waste money replacing them since the cabinets are crap too..i decided to paint them. so last night and tonight while the painting doesn't take too long to do...the watching the wet paint dry and guarding it from determined cat feet...does take up a fair bit of time.
whatever..i guess there are worse things i could be doing.

gus was just diagnosed with cardiac disease..he is on meds now and hopefully soon he will stop coughing.
des the wild man is doing ok..he goes in for his neuter et el on monday.
new cat carl is still acting shy. we will hold off on her vet stuff to give her a chance to settle to prevent stressing her more.
one of the mp cats bit fancy on the ear. she is on antibiotics for it.
new little dog flora is doing really well..she has fit in here smoothly without any problems.
stella came up from the bottom field today while luna was in the back yard with me. for all of 15 minutes it looked like stella had gotten over her bitchiness and was more accepting of other dogs. but then she ruined it by jumping luna..luna was not injured but i still got really mad at stella and made her go back into the house.

we are slowly getting this place in order, today KO, shelagh, owen and lenore were here to help. Ko worked on some stuff at the barn, shelagh got most of the computer room painted, owen and i worked on tidying up the back yard while lenore tackled the front yard and some of the windows. still lots to do if anyone has any extra time!

the new disabled chicken area is shaping up nicely, the posts for the fence are in, the walls of the shed are might even all be done by the open house which will be great!
next week will be really busy here...i hired painters to paint the back cat rooms, hallway, kitchen and entranceway..most of it has just had touch ups over the past 14 years, it is old, beat up and dreary now after almost 1000 animals and needs freshening. we just don't have time to do it before the open house so student works painters are coming and they gave us an awesome super fair deal. hopefully it will last for another more than dozen years!
however..moving all of the stuff and the animals out of their painting way is going to be a real pain so next week for sure we are going to need some extra help to get us ready...not to repeat myself but..if anyone has any extra time next week, we sure would be grateful!

my back was pretty sore today but a hot bath and a bunch of tylenol and i think it is feeling better..hope it doesn't totally crap out on me before the open house!
ok...paint is dry...time for second coat and back to watching paint dry and discouraging cats from jumping on it.


shelagh f

painting with dogs is hard enough, painting with cats is
VERY challenging. my evening included a glass of wine.
thanks to the staff and Lenore for helping with the computer
room guys.