Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 4, 2018

minnie had her hip recheck today..looking good. still a couple of months away from full activity.
des had his neuter, vaccines, tattoo, testing and infected anal glands drained today . he is recovering but not very happy.
smaug was injured when he was let loose into the garden with unneuteed parker by mistake. he has seen the vet for his wounds.
parker was neutered today.
little (sheep) has been having periodic episodes of bloat, the vets have been to see her several times now.
rosa our geriatric goat is having some pain issues related to aging, she is getting metacam injections more frequently now.
the upper pasture has been divided in 2 to separate raven and rudy from dixie and amigo who are too rambunctious for the old guys.
the sheep were all sheared this evening...with the hot weather coming, they will be cooler.
the new disabled chicken area is ticking along.
the painters will be here at noon tomorrow.
the grass guys will be here at 7 am tomorrow.
vern will be back to qwork on the new disabled chicken run.
busy day tomorrow for sure!!
there are still a few things that need doing for the open house if anyone is able?


Wendy Robinson

I'll be there today between 3 and 4 to paint that fireplace, if if still needs doing, and/or anything else that needs work yet.