Rescue Journal

three more days to get stuff done before the open house...yikes.

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2018

i was tired and headachey today..i stayed up late working thru a mountain of laundry and then got up at 5 am to push a couple of more loads thru.
the painters have started the inside cat rooms, the dog yard has been laid with new artificial grass and progress continues on the new disabled chicken run. With so many workman in and out, for most of the rest of the day, i parked myself in the front yard and guarded the gate.
it was about all i was good for anyway.

one of the cat rooms has the second coat drying so later tonight i can set that room back up for the cats to get switched into when the other room gets done tomorrow.
plus i found a bunch of cat peed beds that stink so i am pushing them thru the laundry right now.
what a moronic cat thing to do..intentionally pee in your bed!

so the to do list is slowly dwindling down..there is just a dozen or so more things to do. sigh..its a dozen more things i hope we can get to!
i try to tell not stress, every open house year somehow or other..we make it. its just that this year some of the big projects are slowing us down.
whatever...what will be, will be. it will probably be pissing down rain on the open house weekend and no on will come anyway...but.... the place will still look great!

zander had a bath today but now he looks homeless because he needs a big brushing out..he let renee and me do a little bit today..hopefully some more tomorrow. thank you andrea for coming in on your day off and bathing him!

new cat in..her name is bella, she is at the vets for spaying/tattooing/testing/vaccines and bad skin. they have kindly agreed to keep her until after the open house which is when we will let des out of his cage so she can use it until she settles in.

someone asked us today to take on 3 mules...i have never met a mule before and this saddens me because i want to! we did have to say no tho..we just don't have room. erin is passing on some of the other equine rescues. maybe one of them can help.

we are all kind of discumbobulated because the house is turned upside down..painting the inside of an animal shelter is quite disruptive to our animals routines.

smaug still wasn't eating because of his recent trauma so roane asked me to find him some russell rabbit food. i had to go to 2 places to find it but it was worth it because he started eating it as soon as it arrived. all rabbits love russell is their version of junk food.

well i better switch the laundry, find some more stinky beds and check if the paint is excuse not to do something useful tonight.


shelagh f

on the bright side, the weekend crew will have it a bit
easier, all the painted rooms have had a deep clean
with everything moved and cleaned this week.
Sad to think about all the animals out there that
need help.