Rescue Journal

introducing jax and bailey

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2018

bailey is a sweet little papillon who follows us around asking to be picked up and held. she wraps her front legs around your arm tightly to hang on and prevent being put down. bailey while having some health and incontinence issues doesn't worry me in the least, as long as someone will love her, she will be happy and there are lots of people to love her here.

jax however worried me on first sight..certainly overwhelmed, somewhat shut down. he looked like a little bedraggled bath mat with four little legs...we couldn't see if he had any eyes, or even a face. since jax 's arrival, he has shivered away in his bed. he won't even get out of it to go pee on the towel in front of it and his bed is continually wet. there is no place to sit and cuddle this wee boy in the kitchen..i am too old and wrecked to be sitting on the floor any more so janelle brought over a chair. we set it up in one of the back cat rooms because cuddling him any where near shyla or robbie's crew would be a total mistake. after a few pick him up's and cuddles..little jax began to relax. he would stand up when he saw me and start to cry, wagging his little tail in anticipation, looking directly at my face.
he is still peeing in his bed and has not ventured out to pee some place else...but he is looking more hopeful and emotionally engaged.

we have a plan for jax to flood him with TLC to help him regain his confidence and faith. now that we know he craves shouldn't take long for him to brave walking out on the floor to find it just a few steps away.

welcome to saints sweet little dogs.