Rescue Journal

saints welcomes wynnona

Carol  ·  Jun. 27, 2018

first day back to work and i had just gotten out of the shower tonight when a couple of folks showed up at the gate. they had a sick pig who had been down for at least a week and unable to walk. finances were a huge issue due to a limited disability pension. they were hoping we could help with a vet call to put her down. since they lived not too far from here, i went over to have a look. wynnie was about 4 months old, unable to use her front legs and covered in mange, where ever they got her from was not very great. some of our really bad skin dogs come in septic and close to death from secondary skin infections. i thought this might be wynnona's problem too. the family was happy to turn her over to us for medical care, they knew they couldn't afford what she needed. she is apparently a berkshire/pot belly cross that they bought from someone a couple of months ago.

chris and i brought her home and set her up with comfy beds and quilts in the front yard previous cat run. she is so covered with mange that i really do not want her near any of our pigs yet, plus she is too weak and small. i called the emergency vet and Dr Ben has came right away and started her on metacam for pain and fever plus antibiotics for her probable infection. he will come back tomorrow to deal with her first dose of ivermectin to start treatemnt for her mange. if she survives, she has small pressure sores and is absolutely filthy and will need lots of TLC and baths.

hopefully we can get her back up on her feet really soon. my biggest fear is that she can't use her front legs because of septic arthritis which would not be very good.
we will have to wait and see how she does now that she has vet care.

she is currently covered up with her blankey, using another quilt for a pillow..she has had a cut up pear to eat and a bowl of fresh water. she is now sound asleep. it has been a tough day for her. i will give her more fruit and water thru out the night to keep her sugars and hydration up and maybe by tomorrow she will feel a little bit better...right now she is just a very poor sad little thing.

hope floats that feeling crappy is just temporary.