Rescue Journal

rebuilding a sick baby pig

Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2018

most people don't know that the skin is the largest organ in the body...yes it is an actual organ. that is why a generalized deep skin infection is so dangerous..if they go septic from infection, it is a huge area of infection to try to get under control plus it has a massive blood vessel system that readily transports bacteria to other organs.
noni has the appropriate drugs on board and what happens next is in great part up to her now. however there are things we can do to help her along to give her the very best chance.
the beauty of my being a nurse with a great deal of knowledge regarding healing..esp, wounds and skin, is that this knowledge is transferable to the animals in our care for their ultimate benefit too.
so the teaching i provide to my human patients during periods of healing...increased fluids, increased dietary proteins, antioxidants, rest balanced with activity and increased cleanliness are all things we can do for noni as well.
janette has given her her very first (of many) baths.
roane hung a heat lamp over her to prevent a chill.
and i went food/supplement shopping for her.

Noni's high protein recovery salad

dark green leafy vegies...spinach and kale
super fruits..melons and berries
nuts and seeds..peanuts and sunflower seeds
pig pellets
yogurt (probiotic for long term antibiotic therapy)
add one capsule of glucosamine, chondoiten, and MSM
add one capsule of omega 3 and 4 vitamins

mix together well and feed 4x day

and as our official passed the Noni taste test...she loved it, yay!



I follow a rabbit rescue online. They used coconut or olive oil on a rabbit with mange and it softened it up. Poor baby.