Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2018

i am starting to come out of my "the dogs are driving me crazy" funk. occasionally the daily chaos around here drives me insane..add that to ben's bowel explosions, busy and short staffed at work plus interrupted sleep cycles and boom my patience went out the window for several days.
whatever, i think it is over, i no longer grinding my teeth here again!

ben's bowels are improving. noni is better but she still is not walking yet. lucy has settled down and is no longer zipping around under my feet and trying to break into the bathroom every time that she sees me. i am not sure yet if shyla's new anti anxiety supplement is working..i think she seems a little more relaxed but she is still really needy.
the chickens and ducks had their first free run day out in the new barnyard bird garden...i was working so i didn't get to see them but apparently the new free run space is a big hit!

thank you to shalagh, ann, and lynn for painting the new outside cat run is almost finished and the wire and paving stones can be installed soon!

there is a new cat arriving today from one of the shelters, she has cancer and is palliative. hopefully she settles in quickly and likes it here!

that's it for the updates i think.



Me too Ali. Also Noni is a real sweetheart and I hope she continues to improve.