Rescue Journal

it takes a village...

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2018

the vets came out to see noni..she had another long term antibiotic injection and her repeat ivermectin injection (for her mange.) they were pretty impressed with how well she looks, her skin so so clean and pink now thanks to to dedication of janette.
when she got her two injections, in pure pig fashion, she had an hysterical fit...she got up and took off using both of her front feet. maybe it wasn't perfect but it sure is a vast improvement,,i am starting to have a little bit more hope for her.
i really and truly believe her improvement ios due to a combination of things...our wonderful vets from Agwest with the pain meds, anti inflammatory meds. parasite meds, antibiotics meds, a really good diet rich in vitamins and antioxidents, janette's extraordinary personal care and of course last but i think hugely important to her recovery so far..., twice weekly laser therapy from laurie.

it is taking a village to save one little pig.

noni napping with her favorite pony!


shelagh f

her skin did look so much better today. each week you
can see such and improvement. keep the good work everyone
it shows