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a big catch up...sorry!

Carol  ·  Jul. 28, 2018

so ali sent me a note reminding me i haven't blogged in a while.
there are a couple of reasons for is super crazy busy and i am totally mentally spent by the time i get home. and i picked a really shitty time to quit smoking and lose weight, right in the middle of super busy crazy work shit which is screwing me up even more.

but hey..i am alive and i haven't fully blown a few gaskets yet..altho some days it is kind of close.
in any case the not smoking not eating thing is sort of going ok.

but what folks really want to know is it going at saints?
noni is walking so that is great news.

big bear has his euth appointment next week so that is sad news...he is just wearing out, tired, drained, no energy..everything is an effort. it is time to let his spirit fly free.

keats on the other hand is happily ticking along like the energy bunny so that is good news.

but giant zander is not doing as well..that tumor on his tail is bugging him and he is bugging it is fly season so maggots are a real concern and the stubborn so and so wont take any meds so pain and antibiotic meds are not an option. and he is still a total biting dick if we piss him off so pill popping is a no go too. i booked him into the vets this week to explore options but i am afraid those will be few (or nil.)

all of the newbies are doing concerns right now.

last weekend zoey banged her blind eye which abcessed so the vets had to come out to drain it...she is feeling better now.

minnie is back in her foster home and doing ok. i can't decide if she is super unlucky to have all of these challenges in her life..or super lucky to have such great foster and shelter is one of the two anyway!

dawn's foster pearl was just diagnosed with diabetes..that sucks for both pearl and dawn.

lynne called tonight and said cassie is near to the end and that she will be arranging her euthanization really soon. cassie is so very old but so lucky to have found lynne's heart.

anne's foster marcus was in the vets today with a possible kidney infection..he is so old and wrecked, pretty sure this is also not great news.

there is a new really old cat coming in and a little dickhead dog heading our way too...both will arrive next week. will intro them then...(haha..if ali reminds me!)

shyla continues to drive me crazy (or crazier than usual.)

the mp cats really like their new cat run and the chickens and ducks llove their new outside area too... so i am glad we finally got off our asses and got them one...should have been on that a lot sooner than we were.

and some folks have been wondering/asking about our continuation (ie post carol) plan...

so here it is in a nutshell...

for the past 2 years we have been working hard moving saints from a founder driven society (ie "me") to a board governed society (ie "us".) this is so saints goes on past me and continues to assist senior and special needs animals long past my eventual retirement (or death.)
as part of that plan saints will become the legal owner of this property this year. it will no longer be my personal will be saints property, which is what i bought it for originally anyway.
we are developing policy and procedures to guide us into the future.
we are working on a research project that tracks saints from its beginnings to the present in order to identify our core beliefs to ensure these remain firmly imbedded within us,
we now have a manager and assistant manager (renee and erin) and they have been taking over more and more of my duties altho i am still overseeing on site operations...for now.
by the time i am ready to fully retire (which is not yet!)..., the goal is to have saints fully independent of me.
we have great staff, great volunteers and a great board of directors all working together towards a common see saints safely into the future.
and we are all committed to ensuring that saints continues in the future to be an effective, ethical, and sustainable haven for senior/special needs animals that is not ever dependant upon one single person but continues to flourish in the care of a village of compassionate hearts and hands.

we all love saints and want the best future possible...luckily we have some truly great brains and talents to get us there.



So glad to read of the updates on Saints and yourself. Great management team too. Those gals r amazing.
May the new ones coming next week settle in better than expected and for those healing from wounds....speedy recovery.


Thanks for the updates. Keep on the good work on quitting smoking...I hope to be right behind ya soon.

shelagh f

hang in there on the no smoking. keep my fingers
crossed for you


I’m very proud of you for quitting smoking 😀😀
And Blogging. Haha