Rescue Journal

day one post zander

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2018

omg this room is empty..when you guys see it, it will break your heart.
zander was here and now he is not and that fucking sucks. but it is what it is and it is what we do...we love them and then we miss them and we learn to adjust to heartbreaking empty spaces and rooms.

so in the spirit of saints..which is move on, there is work to do and more animals need us...

saints welcomes...

mad adorably cute and funny looking old pom...who is sometimes a bit of a jerk. he was not making friends at AC where he was in attack mode but he is doing sort of ok here.

ewok...(why are so many fuzzy little dogs named ewok?)...whatever. unlike mad max..ewok is sweet and gentle. he has dry eye, he is 18 yrs old and he has a bum leg. you have to wonder how this dog became an unclaimed stray>

and finally... the saddest, most pathetic, heart breaking dog i have ever seen came into our care on tuesday evening. she has been bathed, shaved given a good couple of transformational make overs and she feels so much better!
saints welcomes lenny, a currently bald but should be fuzzy little thing. she is paraplegic and a very sweet and gentle girl.

and i think eventually we will be turning zanders empty area into a paraplegic area... hopefully for both ben and lenny to safely hang out.
but not quite yet.

also please send positive thoughts for taco...he has been in and out of the vetsm for several days with acute pancreatitis. he goes in in the mornings for IV tx and comes home at night. he feels utterly crappy, poor, poor, sweet little boy.



Oh my goodness I am just catching up now again and am sending my condolences for Zander. Loss of a saint is never easy I imagine :(