Rescue Journal

Yogi Bear passed away today.(by erin)

Carol  ·  Aug. 2, 2018

Bear came to SAINTS back in May 2017. He was a SPCA cruelty seizure due to medical neglect. He had hypothyroidism and diabetes and had already lost most of his eyesight. Bear was aggressive towards cats, dogs and most people. But, if you were lucky enough to be in his select group of friends, Bear was incredibly loving and affectionate. When he started growing his first tumor months ago, we knew it was cancer. This sweet and snuggly dog just could not catch a break. His many problems began to wear him down and we planned the very best ending we could have. Today he died surrounded by some of his very best friends. We adored him. We doted on him. We loved him dearly. And today we set him free. Thank you Coastal Rivers Pet Hospital for your exceptional care of our boy.



Awe sorry for the loss of Bear. Having been a Rottweiler Mom for 11 years I hold each other one in my heart. Even if I have not met them. They r truly a misunderstood breed and huge teddy bears!
Love and hugs to all


Erin and the Saintly Crew, sincerest condolences and thanks for helping Bear to be a happy dog. I think he felt free and happy when you all welcomed him to Saints.

Thanks for all you do and all you love.


Didn't know loss. He was much loved by others tho. RIP big boy❤


I am very sorry for your loss I’m glad he had a loving family right at saints he knew love and cuddles from the people who were his people rip bear

shelagh f

i only ever saw a sweet boy, laying on the couch, or walking with his girl, Erin.
now you can run free Bear


I am truly sorry for your loss of this sweet boy.
I know how hard you battled to keep him with us from the beginning and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the time I was able to have and enjoy that love and affection you spoke of.

(I will miss you, my boy.)