Rescue Journal

Lost and Found

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2018

Back in January of this year I wrote about some emaciated pigs we helped herd off of Lougheed Hwy that were taken in by Animal Control as strays and how we struggled wanting to help the malnutritioned mom and her 8 or 9 babies but just did not have the room for them all. They were sent to a farm auction house to await their 96 hour stray holding period for the owners to reclaim. The 96 hours past and no one claimed them so we arranged to save one and have mom transferred to SAINTS. I named her Amelia Dearheart after Amelia Earhart which proved to be a terrible choice because the night before our transport went to pick her up..they all disappeared, apparently stolen from the auction house in the dark hours of the night. So our Amelia disappeared like the other flying Amelia and despite the efforts of Animal Control, the RCMP and the SPCA, she and her babes were never found. Everyone was just sick over their loss.
Fast forward to August...
Recently the SPCA raided a farm who has a long history of neglected animals this time including a malnutritioned mom pig and 10 new piglets. Photos were exchanged and low and behold, mom was Amelia...bred again, still underweight and hungry but safe within their care. Amelia is easily recognizable because of her markings and incredibly stunning hazel eyes.
Soooo...9 months after being found and lost, she has been found again.
The staff at the SPCA had named her Hazel (because of her lovely eyes) and she is coming home to SAINTS. We think we will keep her name as Hazel...naming her after a disappearing adventurer was a really bad idea in the first place!
Hazel comes home on Wednesday! We are so very thankful to all involved in her rescue and for helping her finally make it to her forever home with us!



So greateful she was found. I hope said person is going to be charged with not only cruelty but theft. Incredible.

Where are we gonna put her ?? Lol


It was obviously meant to be and Hazel gets her rightful place . Welcome home Hazel.


That is so Awesome!!! After having met her the first time and seeing the neglect and looking into those wise but sad eyes, I was so sick about her theft. Never thought I’d be saying welcome to Saints again but amazingly I am.....Welcome Hazel.


Aaaww, it was meant to be that Hazel ended up Saints. She has quite the story! Looking forward to meeting her on Sunday.