Rescue Journal

on the really crappy rescue days...especially on days of multiple losses....

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2018

i think about stuff.

today i was thinking about when Mah arrived, pregnant with her udder bag dragging upon the floor. I remember Arnie sleeping up in the suite, ready to be the midwife when her babes were born.
I remember the midnight call to the vet to come help with a difficult birth and Michelle running across the street to join us and help. And Arnie was just like a proud papa, feeding those three little babes, laying with them in the straw and coming up with their very sweet names. He still celebrates their birthday every year. All of us fell in love with this little sheep family, they were special to us all. The loss of Bo is like losing part of our family, he took his first breaths and steps here, he was a SAINTS child.

and then i was thinking about Boundary Bay, struggling to make some kind of progress day after day. There was something so magical about him..he sprinkled loving dust in every heart that he met. Margie and the folks at New Westminster Animal Shelter fell under his spell. Margie and a co worker went over to Langley to visit him in hospital last week. They are so very sad that he has passed away. The staff and volunteers at SAINTS loved him well, the staff at Eagle Hill Animal Hospital fell in love with this little mite too. And for the past couple of weeks, sick as he was..Taco managed to wrap all the staff and vets at Boundary Bay around his little toes too.
I went over to see Taco tonight, it was time for me to decide...I held him in my arms, with his nose tucked under my arm and i tried to decide what was right. Once the decision was made, the staff came in, the vets and techs to say good bye. They told me they took turns carrying him around, that last night he slept in the lap of one of the vets while she worked on the computer. They told me they brought him special things in their lunches to entice him to eat and ran over to the grocery store to buy him baby food and chicken and they told me how much they loved him.
We all loved him.
So when it came time to help him to pass, I asked if any wanted to be with him. And they he passed away while they held him, i heard one of the techs whisper "we love you taco, you had a home here with us."

And this is what I am thinking tonight..the people who work or volunteer in rescues, in shelters, in animal controls, in vet clinics, in specialty hospitals...these are special people with special hearts. They love the ones the rest of the world forgot.

Rest in Peace Bo and Taco, never doubt that in this life, you were both completely loved and you will be so greatly missed.


shelagh f

Poor Taco, never caught a break, but sounds like he had
the best of care, by a loving group of professionals.
Its extra special when you have a pet from birth, so sorry
about Bo, RIP