Rescue Journal

growing up.

Carol  ·  Aug. 18, 2018

the one thing i have learned in rescue is to be at least somewhat flexible..on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the death of zander and one being some human being annoying me..i can suck up the one gladly.
you know what?
that's not quite is not that i have learned to be flexible...
i have learned not to be selfish.

there is a "fuck you" attitude in rescue..a "how dare you?"
step on my toes, question my abilities, act like you know better...all guaranteed to raise the hackles and that stubborn, uncooperative streak and possibly retaliation from every rescuer.

i call it blind lightening...aiming for a singular figure but starting a grass fire that gets out of control.

for years i could do what i wanted, whenever i wanted without interference. and lets face it..i was good at it..saints grew and was respected, the animals were well looked after and more than a dozen years later, we are still going strong.
but now as we move into the future and saints needs to become independent of me...i have to start letting go...and i have to start letting others lead and pave our future road.

there are some things i don't like..there are changes to how i want to do things which make things more complicated..dare i say..more annoying? policy and procedures???(i like shit really simple!)

but what am i going to do..have a fit? pout? take my ball and go home? wrestle back full and uncontested control?
cut my nose off despite my face..(this nose and face is actually the animal's saints face and they kind of need it whole.)

absolutely not. i am a grown up and i have a plan and a purpose to achieve...a stable and sustainable home for FUTURE senior and special animals in need.
i guess i am more flexible than i used to be..but mostly i am less selfish.
i will do whatever it takes to keep these vulnerable, often forgotten animals safe, i will continue to give them the best of me AND encourage others to do the same.
i will work as a cooperative team member who in dealing with others can give and take, win and lose and still give it my all.
and even if i can't have my own way all the time now...i am grown up enough now to accept...there are many different ways to climb a mountain as long as everyone continues to look up.



I have learned as much from you as I have from the animals during my days at SAINTS. I believe I am a better person because of it. Thx for that.