Rescue Journal

i am so far behind on everything...

Carol  ·  Aug. 25, 2018

we have lost both cuddles and arnold this week and sweet little chickie last week.

chickie wasn't doing well, erin took her into the vets and it was discovered she was full of cancer.

cuddles passed away in his sleep a few days ago. it was a bit of a shock because he had been doing pretty well. but i am glad he went peacefully in his sleep, in the home that he chose..and... it feels like the ending of his life that he also chose.

today we lost arnold. when i was out in the barnyard i noticed he did not look very well, his breathing was laboured, his feathers were dirty, his beak was pale. thankfully Dr Loff squeezed him in and our sweet old goose's air sacs were filled with fluid, he was in congestive heart failure. he passed away peacefully and was not afraid.

several new admits this past week....
mad max is an old spikey tiny pom with a ton of attitude and very little hair!
oreo is a sweet, sweet spaniel who has already found his forever home. he will be leaving in early sept.
tootsie is an adorable elderly chin/pap cross. she is a sweet, sweet little dog who needs a major dental.
mocha came in blind and anxious with a grossly bulging eye and some mammary tumors. she had surgery a couple of days ago to remove the eye and tumors.
2 new tiny elderly rabbits came in, both needed surgery to remove suspect masses plus they needed neutering too. the clinic named them Snape and Dumbledor
we took in a new 8 yr old white german shepherd named Hintza, he is already in foster care. he is being investigated for a facial mass and has his surgery this week.

other updates
we have decided that minnie our sweet unlucky rotti is a total lemon...she had the first of 2 hip replacements a couple of months ago, then she perforated her small intestine as a side effect from one of her meds and needed emergency surgery, her survival was touch and go but she made it! and then this week she decided to leap out of the car before anyone could stop her and dislocated her new hip. all i can say is thank god she is in foster care with jane and mark because she is back to strict cage rest just like she was after her hip surgery and she just about drove me insane with guilt so i am glad that jane and mark can bear the brunt of her very sad face while they confine her so she can re-heal!

fraidy cat moved over to the medical room and is doing better there, it is less busy and less stressful.
charley moved up into the suite with chris for now, the cats in the house were picking on him and he needed a break from them.
samsam has been caged for the past couple of weeks due to a lingering infection which due to his sketchiness was hard to treat. we have finally been able to get some antibiotics into him and he is starting to look much better again.
jamie took ewok home as a foster.
bailey has gone into foster with janette's family.
and i think shelagh is considering taking home flora and that would be great!

ok..i think we are caught up on all of the happenings..i hope i did not forget anybody!



keats was doing great for a while..the last week or so he is slowing down and a bit of a worry again. we are basically taking one day at a time with him. he is still cheerful but getting out to the barn is a struggle for him..but he still wants to go.
flynn was adopted out by Chilliwack AC, returned and adopted put again...last i heard he was doing well in his new home.
koji was recently in ER with a ruptured abscess..he had surgery for that and for his neuter (he was a cryptorchid) and recovered well. he is no longer a foster but has been adopted and is very well loved.
charlie is FIV+ so even tho he is currently healthy, he is technically special needs...or may eventually be.


Hi there
How is Keats doing lately? I hope he is feeling ok.
Have you heard anything about Flynn and Koji?
Is charley a special needs cat?
😊 Thank you for everything you do to help all these sweet animals.