Rescue Journal

sometimes life simply sucks...we do what we can to make it better.

Carol  ·  Sep. 23, 2018

losing lenny was a tough go. it is hard bringing deeply suffering animals into care, giving them everything they need to feel much, much better and watching them start to bloom with all of the possibilities of a better life before them and then to suddenly lose them to an unseen cancer hiding somewhere.
we console ourselves that lenny did not die filthy and matted and soaked in urine and feces. she died clean, dry, warm and well groomed with a full belly and the hope of walking on her own again one day soon.
she died surrounded by love and care, because the two must go hand in hand. care without love is lonely. love without care hurts.
but both of them together is a more gentle way to leave this world.

brooklyn the elderly bulldog is here and has settled in well. she came from a good home that grew too elderly to care for her anymore. her skin was a mess, her eyes were cloudy and full of green discharge, her teeth were rotting inside her mouth. it is sad to see a dog deteriorate in a home where she was well loved. but as humans too near their extreme elder years, they aren't always able to do what they once were. and sometimes not only do they suffer, but those they love and need to care for can suffer too.
her skin is getting better, she had a dental last week. she now has medicine for her sore eyes and pain meds for her sore joints. last night i watched for the very first time as brooklyn was able to jump up into a chair. it made my heart glad to see her feeling so much better.

we have also welcomed cookie, a little parapalegic daxi. cookie was well loved by her previous mom but a few years ago someone in her life was not so kind and cookie was beaten, burned and badly injured. her mom was no longer able to provide the intensive paraplegic care that cookie required and so she was entrusted into our care. cookie is making the adjustment, she is a sweet little dog with a resilient spirit, we will do all we can to help her be happy here.

next week a tiny little Felv kitten is coming into our care. kittens born with felv do not have a long life span. the younger they are when they develop the disease, the more havoc it plays on their systems. older cats have some kind of immune systems in place to help them deal with this disease, but babes do not. we will take very good care of this little one so that the short time of life that she has is one that she feels is worth living.

i cannot stress enough the the heartbreaking plight of lost, abandoned or feral unspayed and unneutered homeless cats. the suffering in their lives and their offsprings lives are a direct result of irresponsible humans. these little warriors need to be honored, protected and valued. their homeless lives are extremely difficult, and they are innocent victims of mankind's greatest flaws...our ignorance and selfishness and these little creatures pay the price.

i also need to stress that for those living on limited incomes that have pets sharing their insurance is a necessary part of providing care, it is their safety net so they do not unnecessarily suffer without proper care.

i pray that one day, all humans try to be better in caring for these innocent souls who share our lives.


shelagh f

glad to hear brooklyn is doing a bit better, breathing looked
like all the exertion she could muster last time i saw her, poor