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A Happy Thanksgiving post (with a bit of a twist.)

Carol  ·  Oct. 6, 2018

Thanksgiving weekend..I am working all weekend so it's no big deal to me except.....
I am thankful for a few special turkeys who are important to me.

Firstly..SAINTS welcomes Ophelia...I am calling her Phee. Phee came to us as her turkey home was downsizing this week and her mom said Phee didn't want to be eaten.
Phee is an 18 month old lavendar heritage bird who is currently molting. She is super cute now and when her feathers come back in, she will be stunning.
I am grateful for Ophelia, she is a truly sweet and lovely turkey.

We introduced her to Bif and Pink but Pink is not well and Bif is being overly protective of Pink. So I am also grateful to Bif for caring for and protecting her friend who is not feeling very good. It is nice to have a loyal friend at your back. We gave Phee a house next door for now.

And then there is Pink, who is not feeling well. She is having problems with her feet and when we xrayed them, her arthritis is pretty bad. Luckily we were giving her pain and anti inflammatory meds so that was ok. However, Pink also is struggling with an upper respiratory and chest infection. The vets put her on 3 different antibiotics...2 they sent home with her and one I had to get from pharmacy.
Today I went into London Drugs to fill her prescription.
The Pharmacist asked me does Pink have any allergies?.....
I said she was allergic to Thanksgiving,
he laughed. Then he said Holy Smoke this medicine is expensive, are you sure you want it?
I said it didn't matter, she needed it so she was going to get it.
He said, no really, it is crazy expensive...
curious, I said how expensive is crazy expensive?
he said...$1000.
a grand? for 2 weeks?
Holy Shit.
Then he said wait a minute...I can get her 50 mg tabs instead of 100mg tabs in generic form but you would have to give her 4 pills a day instead of two.
She is already getting pill popped 4 others a day so what is 4 more..right PINK?
So the damage came in at $250 for the 2 weeks of meds..whew, that did not hurt quite so bad.
The Pharmacist are sure you want me to order this? $250 is still a lot.
I said for sure go ahead and order it..Pink is a super nice turkey, I will pick them up as soon as they come in..
I would have paid the $1000 for her meds if we had too..but I am REALLY thankful for generic meds....and a nice pharmacist who found them for us!
Love you Pink and Happy very glad you get to celebrate this holiday in an unusual turkey fashion.... SAINTS way.
(sorry that we have to pop 8 pills into you for the next two weeks tho...that"s a lot i know.)



Holy moly! Did you see the math on how much Ella's eye drops cost? Not cheap either 😲

Penny Veresh

The pharmacists at London Drugs are great. Always very helpful. Feel better soon, Pink!


Holy sh@t that is a lot for 2 weeks !
Thank you pharmacist 😀😀