Rescue Journal

Rosa passed away suddenly this morning.

Carol  ·  Oct. 15, 2018

The barn staff were with her, she was up and eating her breakfast when she suddenly fell over and was gone. We think she had a massive heart attack.
While the sudden-ness of her passing was really upsetting to our staff, I think it was a blessing for Rosa. She has been having trouble with her arthritis in her knees lately and intermittent gastro/intestinal issues these past few months, she was absolutely ancient in goat years.
Thankfully the weather was great this weekend and Rosa enjoyed hanging out in the sun. Her previous mom came to visit her on Saturday and brought her some treats.
Her passing was instanteous, fear and suffering free.
It was a kind death for this special girl who will be so greatly missed here.
Rest in peace Rosa, you were greatly loved.




Aw poor Rosa but it was her time I hope I go that way her old mom loved her dearly I’m so sorry


Swift journey Rosa, it was wonderful getting to know your sweet soul. We will miss you and remember you always.