Rescue Journal

our much loved poppy has passed away.

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2018

i didn't want to post this yesterday, i was just too freaking sad.
i remember when poppy came here several years emaciated little bag of bones, abandoned up on a mountain during a time of terrible storms.
we all felt so very sorry for her, she had been thru a horrible time.
poppy started off in the house, she was just too frail to send out to the barns.
and poppy liked being a house pig so when she was ready we moved her over to the mp building to be their resident princess.

sometimes folks would tell me tall tales of poppy chasing them around the room trying to bite them but i knew this was not true.
they were misunderstanding her overatures of pig pal-ness..she just wanted to share a snack or two!
eventually folks got to know her better (or maybe she did settle down in her enthusiasm) and everyone fell in love.
poppy was so special to all of us, she was a gift that enriched our lives.

a few weeks ago poppy developed an infection. we hit her hard with multiple antibiotics but she just couldn't recover. yesterday the vets advised it was time to let her go.
poppy passed peacefully surrounded by love.
we will so miss this special girl, she was a great friend to us.

rest in peace our sweet little pig...i hope ellie, petunia and all of the others were waiting to welcome you home.



Poppy was such a special were loved and will be missed💙


Dear Poppy....I'm so glad you found a home at Saints and got to put back on all that "pot" ….I know you had me trained on tours by following the group through doors and not budging and then squealing murder unless you got a treat.
I loved watching tour reactions when all of a sudden in a room of cats & rabbits there was a princess in there presence....and you were so gracious letting everyone admire you. Thanks for teaching us all how truly special a little pig is. You will be greatly missed.....RIP Poppy


Meeting Poppy, on my first walk through a couple years ago, was what cemented for me that SAINTS is a unique place where animals can just be themselves no matter what. And that is what I still love the most about SAINTS to this day, and is probably my ultimate motivation for volunteering. Thank you, Poppy, for showing me how it's done. RIP, little one.

shelagh f

so sad. when i think of Poppy I will remember at the open
house this last year, she saw the door was open and she
made her big escape. we chased but she was having none
of it. she eventually gave up for a delicious snack. she
was a smart pig. she played her cards well, and never had
to live outside again.


Going to miss her. The MP building/ med room is going to feel empty without her big personality. Rest in peace PopPop.