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Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2018

new admits...

charley is a 5 yr old doodle with some anxiety and hyperactivity issues. he belonged to one of my cooworkers and his anxious rambuctiousness was just too much for the family to deal with. charley is a very sweet, gentle and loving dog whose one goal in life is to be velcroed to his forever best friend forever more!

maui is a 15 yr old senior cat whose owner went in to hospital and is unable to return home. she is a lovely little cat hoping to find a quiet and loving home to retire in.


little mikey the house bunny has moved over to the shop. he is unable to join the other rabbits until his neuter in a couple of months but in the meantime is enjoying being free range in the new and as of yet unoccupied FeLv cat area.

mystic has had all of her sutures out, both masses were benign which is really great news!
gracie's pathology came was an aggressive malignant cancer but the vets achieved clear margins during her surgery so we hope she will remain cancer free.
little's xray showed 3 large lung abcesses so she is on high powered injectable antibiotics for the next few weeks in hopes we can help her clear these.
mocha is getting her sutures out as we speak. she has moved over to the office in the mp building to give her more space and to open up the entranceway for charley so he is in close contact with me.

dixie colicked the night of our xmas party, we called the vet and i stayed home to monitor her, she has recovered well.
keats is having mobility issues again..hoping it is just the change in weather but we are watching him closely.
whiskers has been having a few challenges in her new home..she is not likely the resident elderly cat. her family is working hard on this so fingers crossed whiskers gets over herself!

owen and lenore lost their beautiful emma a few days ago, they are heartbroken. emma was a very great dog and so very lucky to be able to finish her life so cherished and loved. huge thx to lenore and owen for making her last part of her life exactly how she had dreamed.



Saw Maui today. She is in need of a forever home. No medical issues by the looks of it. Sweet Cat 🐱

Suzanne Hawkins

If I hadn't just adopted a neurotic dog I would cheerfully drive from the SE corner of Tennessee to BC and beg for Charley. I would love to have a velcro dog.

Lenore Henry

Thanks for the Saints updates Carol.

We would like to thank everyone who has written touching comments about our recent loss of Emma - she was such a good dog and a wonderful companion. She is at peace now and we are comforted by that. We are waiting to receive her memorial paw print plaque and will hang it in the Memorial Garden in memory of our beautiful girl ❤️