Rescue Journal

radioactive mama

Carol  ·  Dec. 7, 2018

i have had a couple of medical scans in the past 2 weeks. they gave me a card to carry in case i ended up going thru an airport security because apparently each isotope injection made me temporarily radioactive and would set off the alarms.
who knew?

interestingly enough..maybe boomer??

he has been really weird around me lately. refusing to come up on the bed, and when i really fuss and keep calling him, over and over, he finally complies and crawls up but keeps a couple of feet distance. he literally cringes if i reach out to touch him. it hurts my feelings!

now you have to understand, boomer is very sensitive and because of this i am always, always, always gentle and kind with him. i never get mad at him nor treat him roughly or disrespectfully. he gets the softest kindness parts of me. boomer usually loves me. every night for years and years, he is up on the bed and cuddled up close, always touching me.
maybe this is a long stretch of my imagination but he seems to be some kind of furry geiger counter..could he really be picking up the radioactivity?
i don't know but nothing else has changed between us so i can't think of anything else. some dogs can sense/smell all kinds of things...drugs, bed bugs, up coming seizures, hidden cancers..why not radioactivity??
i hope that is all it is, that i smell funny..i hope he hasn't suddenly decided not to like me!

i had the last scan yesterday..the card says i will be radioactive for another 4 days.
another 4 days of boomer avoiding his radioactive mama.
that really sucks, i miss my furry bed buddy...

hmm..i wonder if while i am sleeping i glow in the dark?
that might be cool.


Brenda Boomer the only one acting different around you? What about Shyla? Interesting for sure...


Very interesting...I am sure you are 100% correct..Boomer is super sensitive so makes sense that he would * feel/know* something is diffrrent about you. Let us know when he returns to normal.