Rescue Journal

The boat in the pond

Erin  ·  Jan. 3, 2019

In the lower field there is a boat. Its upside down, just kind of...there. Sometimes the pond water is high enough that the boat could damn near float (if it were right side up that is) and sometimes the boat is completely out of the water, beached, dry. We walk past the boat multiple times every day and we have for years. Years! How many dogs, horses, cows, pigs, llamas have walked past it, climbed up on it, jumped over it, ran around it (probably peed on it haha)? Can you imagine all the animals that boat has met? All the folks walking along with said animals? What has that boat seen? It has seen every single time Mystic chases the heron from the pond (don't worry, the heron is not in any real danger, Mystic can't sneak up on anyone). It saw that time Ellie played Hide and Seek (she won that one, btw). It saw Allie when she would lose herself and become hyperfocused on swimming and absolutely refuse to come out. Today it saw Vera barreling through the pond like she does every time (that dog is a bull in a China shop!) It saw the house dogs doing their morning lap with Lynne (and whatever that thing she was wearing on her head was? In Lynnes defence, it was freaking pouring all day, but I still have no idea what that was). That boat must have stories to tell. I know I've sat on it, had conversations on the phone it would have overheard. How the hell did that boat get there anyways? Should we name it?
*The photo is from a number of years ago, its the first one I found that has a shot of the boat in it. Hope Renee and Dionne dont mind I posted it ;)



What is it, a slouch toque? Never seen anything like it! I thought it was something that got too wet. Sorry Laura, wasnt meant to offend!
Yes, Riley! And Jesse, and Mystic, Capone and Boomer (I think)


Hey that freaking thing on my head was a toque that my daughter made for me dumbass lol