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Erin  ·  Jan. 4, 2019

Sometimes animals come in and we all immediately fall in love. We cant wrap our heads around why they ended up at a shelter. Sometimes we are sure they'll get a home right away. Sometimes we think...Oh as soon as the volunteers see him/her, shes gonna get scooped up. Other times we figure, Oh, as soon as the vet check check is done, they'll get a home no problem. Or, Oh, soon as they go up on Petfinder, yep they've got it in the bag. Other shelters have these social media posts, they say THIS ANIMAL HAS BEEN IN THE SHELTER FOR 46 DAYS! 46 days? What the fuck? Now I get that not many people want to adopt palliatives. Or the blind. Or deaf. Or seniors with big medical issues. Or diabetics. Or paraplegics. Or incontinents. I honestly do understand. This level of care is not for everybody. I get it. But what about the ones that aren't that much work? The ones with lots of life left to live and love left to give. What about them? Let me show you some numbers.

Stella. 503.

Balto 496.

Mocha 138

Lovey 691

Whiggy 2155

Charley 263

Boomer2 166

Those are days. Days those animals have spent in our shelter. Is that not shocking? Like blow your mind shocking? None of these animals are palliative. None are really old (with the exception of Balto maybe, and hes not super old, but old enough to need arthritis meds). So ok yeah, some of them require a particular home, they cant just fit in anywhere. Stella has a few no-can-do's...she sucks with other animals and would need a kid free home. Mocha sucks with other dogs but with enough space would be ok with a non reactive cat, and damn is she a fun little asskicker! Lovey? Ok, not a huge fan of other animals but seriously. Whiggers? Aptly named but still a cool cat. Charley and Boomer? There is no reason these two are still waiting. Charley is FIV. So what? He is also loving and playful and a bit of a butt. Boomer has no logical reason why he hasn't been scooped up. I am not even kidding. Why has no one seen this cat and thought he would make a nice addition? He is friendly. Clean. Healthy. A really all around great cat, yet here he sits. So if you are a volunteer and a tour comes through, be sure to point out our two wallflower cats Charley and Boomer. They could use the attention.

In other news, yet related to this topic sits Jax. Jax has been with us for 198 days. He did get a home awhile back, but was returned shortly after as it was not the right fit. One of our house volunteers (Jenny) has been through the wringer with Renee and I, getting herself approved as a permanent foster home for little Jax. We all agree that this is a truly sweet bond between these two and Jax, just like Bailey, is going to get his happily ever after story. So it looks like Sunday Is Jax and Jenny's day, she will take him with her after her volunteer shift. Jax's number will hold steady at 200. 200 days since becoming a Saint. 200 days sounds like a lot doesn't it! Heres hoping for him to enjoy many many more than that as a much loved part of Jenny's family. I can hear him squealing in delight already!



Gotta add....those number of days listed beside each of the special Saints in this post that are still waiting..... hits hard.. 💔 so sad.


I'm so glad for the happy ending in this post for Jax and Jen...been hoping all would work out for them to be together...Yay! and I will be there tomorrow to see him leave in Jen's arms❤

Lenore Henry

I am so happy for Jenn and her family - I know how much she loves little Jax and he will be adored ❤️