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Erin  ·  Jan. 8, 2019

How do they get from wherever they here? The animals I mean. Trixie came from Chilliwacks CARE center. Was she a stray? Surrendered? I dont know, I never asked. But how does a dog like this find herself homeless? Trixie had a family. I guarantee that. She has impeccable manners. Ive met some polite dogs but this one, Trixie? She takes the cake hands down. Someone spent alot of time teaching her things, she knows tricks, she waits to be invited into a room, she listens, and by listens I mean the first time, not waiting til it suits her like certain other dogs (ELLA!) Trixie didnt deserve to get ditched by her family. Whether she was surrendered or picked up as a stray wandering around, it equals the same thing. Someone, somewhere, failed her. They failed HER. No fault of her own. Can you even imagine? Having your family abandon you at this stage in your life? So unfair. So unbelievably unfair. Yet it happens, over and over again. Trixie loves people, all people, whatever they are doing. She would make a wonderful pet! Wanting to just be there. Included. Part of a family who cares. Forever. But Trixie is 10 years old. She has degenerative disc disease. She needs daily pain control. Eventually, she may have trouble walking. Who would willingly take that on? She should have had a good home. She should have had a family who loved her and would do whatever she needed as she ages. She should have had a promise. Maybe she did. Yet she is so far away from that promise now.

I am bitter. Can you tell? Trixie isnt. She is happy. She loves life. She is happy to go for walks, happy to get attention, happy to just hang out, even if we just sit there. Does she remember her life before? Maybe it wasnt all that great. Maybe it isnt worth remembering. Or maybe animals see things differently and dont dwell on what was, or may have been. Maybe animals are much better at living in the moment than we are. We fail them so often it seems it would be better that way. I dont know. What I do know, is that while I have no fucking idea how she got from there to here, she is here now. And her life now is worth living. Its up to us to make sure of that.

Trixie-woo, we got you.



we often don't know the back stories on our animals, sometimes they end up with us because of neglect, abuse or betrayal. sometimes they end up with us because of life altering situations within their family.., homelessness, death, illness, dementia, extreme old age of the caregivers. when human lives fall apart, the family pet's world also sometimes turns upside down. we don't have a crystal ball to know all their back stories but the good news is when yesterday is gone, tomorrow is waiting.


I love these blogs. Especially since Facebook no longer lets me look at Saints without signing in.


I agree. Good story, honest and to the point. That's what the animals deserve.


Love this post do have a way with words...straight from the heart, but also straight from the hip...much like Carol (and that's a huge compliment).
Thanks for highlighting Trixie's story. She is a delight...❤