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Barking Babies and Petcurean

Erin  ·  Jan. 11, 2019

Arnie did the donation pick up from Barking Babies earlier this week. This is what he wrote me:

Nancy collected the $150.00 from her sale. She was a little disappointed because she collected more last year. But She had not looked in a sealed envelope from Anthea and there was $200.00 in it. So Nancy really collected $350.00 for us, certainly nothing to feel bad about and she doesn't even know it. The envelope with the $200.00 cash in it had a message hand written on the outside of it. Here is what it said:

Dear saints, Thank you for loving these precious animals.

Please find enclosed a gift in memory of my maltese, Sparkle who passed away in our house fire.

Hope to someday visit your amazing organization.


How nice is that? Thank you Barking Babies, Nancy, and Anthea, and of course volunteer extraordinaire Arnie! Then I open my email and see that a lady named Bella Bucchiotti nominated SAINTS to receive a 500lb donation from Petcurean! Petcurean wrote to me to inform us, and also to let us choose the food to be donated. This is so generous and thoughtful. Thank you Bella and Petcurean!


shelagh f

we do have a lot of kind donors. thank you and sorry for the
loss of Sparkle


Good work, done with good intent, produces good results. GREAT results.

Nice job everybody!