Rescue Journal

Worry Warts

Erin  ·  Jan. 13, 2019

The list of current worries is getting to be lengthy. It seems to be that we lose 4 or 5 Saints that we expect to lose, then 1 that we don't see coming. Godderick was one of the unexpected losses of late. Back up a bit and Allie, Phoebe, SageGertie, Lincoln, Jack the budgie, Odie, Harley all come to mind. Complete shocks intermingled with known palliatives. It is no easier to lose someone when you know it's coming. It sucks to not have time to say goodbye. But it also sucks to count down to the vet appointment. There's no "better" way I don't think (obviously the less pain and confusion and the quicker the better for the animal in question) It sucks ass pretty equally for the rest of us. On our current house worry list is:






In the barn :





For rabbits we are watching:


And in the MP


Other than these guys, we have others we are keeping an eye on but they don't seem to be making any giant leaps into frailville but holy shit do we lose sleep over missing something. Carol talks about a crystal ball. Would it be better to have one? I think it would be brutal. Like the saying Live Everyday As Though It's Your Last. What if there's nothing we can do? Would you want to know? It's not that we like surprises (we don't). Unpredictable is just that. Sneaky.

Looking at Squirt and Andy and knowing, not just thinking but KNOWING their time is coming? These two who have been with us for so long, they are such a part of us. They are creeping (albeit slowly) towards that finish line. Our two puppy mill survivors who weren't given a fair shot right out of the gate. But I honestly think we have done/are doing right by these two. I bet if asked they would talk about the friends they've made over the years. Who remembers that EPIC photo of Squirt, Odie and Benny? (ps if you have it post it in the comments will ya) They'd talk about how much further they have come than they ever thought they could. Who remembers Andy with with his bestie Jesse? I wonder if Squirt and Andy would be happy with the way their lives turned out to be. I think so. I hope so.



You all treat those animals so well, they are so loved and taken care of. Their lives are so much better than they would have been. I am sure that each and every kitty, puppy, bird, pig, cow etc appreciate and thank all of you for the love and the respect that you all have given them in their lives. For all the kind words and pets and affection that you all have given them. You are all kind.