Rescue Journal


Erin  ·  Jan. 15, 2019

We knew when we said yes to Theo, that she would need surgery. The shelter she came from up in Smithers sent her to a specialist, who thought it likely that Theo's eye problem was due to melanoma, the eye would have to be removed. Today was Theo's surgery day. Removing an eye is called enucleation.

Theo is quite possibly THE sweetest cat. She is a tiny lil thing, a real love bug. And shes only 10 years old. Cancer doesn't care. At her first vet appointment, it looked like there was lymph node involvement as well, so it was a real relief to hear today that it wasnt a lumpy lymph node at all, it was an unrelated simple cyst. Our vet asked me if she should send the eyeball to the specialist to know for sure if it was melanoma or not. I figured, nah, its out now, whether there's cancer in it or not doesnt make a difference to Theo, it cant tell us if its spread, it cant tell us shes cancer free. Dr. Federici was thrilled to be able to keep the eye and dissect it herself (pardon me while I throw up in my own mouth just thinking about it)! So Theo's cyst came out, her left eye came out, and they pulled two molars as well. Shes had half her teeth removed sometime in the past, so now shes really low on chompers! The clinic said she came out of sedation purring. She feels so much better, you can tell already! Second chances baby, its what we do.