Rescue Journal

Angel update!

Erin  ·  Jan. 22, 2019

From Angels family:

Angel is doing amazing!

She is eating well and will certainly monitor us in the kitchen when it's meal time as you can see from the photo! She is a snuggle bug and we've discovered she likes to snooze UNDERNEATH the covers with us! She will be in bed with us (and Hunter our dog) allllll night!

She loves her self-warming bed (see photo) and it's often her favourite place to be after a meal.

She loves it when we have company over and will sit on anyone she pleases. Thank you very much for allowing Angel to be apart of our family. She is beautiful on the inside and out.

Yay! Thanks so much for the update!



I knew she would make a great addition to any family. So happy for Angel and her people. Looking forward to future updates and pictures.